Dating with autism

Dating with autism is not easy. To get a relationship is a little bit more difficult for people with a disability or autism. Understand the another people your autism? Capido understands people with autism and that is the reasion we would like to help you. We are for people who belongs in the autism spectrum.

Datingsite for people with autism

It’s difficult for people without autism to meet each other, let alone for someone with autism like PDD-NOS or Asperger syndrome! In social situations like the first date could feel as very exciting. The best method is to try things. Start a nice conversation with somebody, that’s the first step to a amazing relationship!

Date for autism syndrome? Let Capido help you!

On Capido are a lot of people who belongs in the autism spectrum. So you can easy find somebody who you you can share the experience of autism and understand each other. When it’s not your dream date, maybe can he or she helps you as buddy.

Capido is easy to use. No weird pop ups or icons. We have a clear and simple system so that you can understand directly.

Autism dating and more!

Capido is not only for people with autism, but also other disabilities. Also when you don’t have a disability you are welcome!

Capido, the dating app for people with autism

You can on Capido personalized your own profile with a pretty photo and a description of yourself. With the search option can you looking for a date. Filter the people on age, color of hair or eyes and location. With the messenger can you send messages to the other.

Capido is currently unavailable in your country. It is only in the Netherlands and Belgium but you can subscribe the newsletter. We will notice you when Capido is live in your country.

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