Gay dating with a disability

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People with a disability and who are gay experience that as a double acceptance. That’s the reason why gay people with a handicap not easy do his coming out.

The gay scene could be very hard. You should like the perfect imaging otherwise you do not participate with it. We know that at Capido as any other. That’s the reason why we started a dating site for the LBHTQI+ community aswell. When you are gay, lesbian, queer with or without disability, everyone is welcome on Capido!

Autism and homosexuality

It’s not always noticable when you have autism. Because it is very difficult to make contact with other people. In the most situations people don’t understand you and stays aware at the first date.

On Capido there are a lot of gay people with autism. They are looking for nice friendships or relationships.

is harder than
Coming out”

Serious gay dating site

On apps like Grindr it’s all about sex. But you would like more than only that. A nice boyfriend who wakes up in the morning next to you and could be a nice thing.

Capido is a serious gay dating site. Sign up Capido to find a nice boyfriend or girlfriend!

Capido, A dating platform for gay people with a handicap

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Capido is currently unavailable in your country. It is only in the Netherlands and Belgium but you can subscribe the newsletter. We will notice you when Capido is live in your country.

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