How it works

What is Capido?

Capido is a combination of “cupid” and “handicap” and is a dating platform for people with disabilities. Of course, it is not mandatory for people with disabilities to date others with disabilities, but this platform does cater to a target audience that shows some understanding for each other’s situation. People without handicap are also welcome, of course!

Benefits of dating on Capido with a disability:

  • Brings singles together for over 5 years.
  • Meet singles who also have a disability
  • Send 5 FREE messages every day.
  • Discover singles close to you.

In four steps what you must to do

Create a profile

Create a profile with a fun personal photo and a catchy description of who you are.

Find a nice single

Search and find fun singles who match your interests or who live nearby using the convenient search function.

Send a message

Start a conversation that could be about a detail in their profile or things you have in common.

Enjoy all the features

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